About us

About us

In the early 2000s, two classmates from KTU began their careers at an engineering firm in Encino, California. Soon, Aurimas Utka and Andrius Janavicius recognized the massive need for an Internet technologies company that could service the needs of both commercial and residential projects in Southern California. So, in 2004, Utka and Janavicius became the co-founders and managing partners of Kudox Network.

Quality at the Forefront

Both Utka and Janavicius realized that high quality would lead to success. They relied on customer referrals in the early days and found that their level of professionalism and quality of work led to quick growth. In spite of the challenge, both of the co-founders found satisfaction in growing their company in such an exciting field.

Southern California Network Services Leader

Aurimas and Andrius have established Kudox Network as a leader in residential and commercial projects throughout Southern California. They are known for offering a vast range of IT services, structured wiring, network cabling solutions, security cameras, audio/video solutions, home automation, and more.

Professional Quality is the Legacy

Kudox Network focuses on hiring professional employees by testing and vetting their skills through a rigorous interview process. The founders of Kudox Network understand that their legacy will be quality work conducted by professional people. They pride themselves on knowing how to hire the best and therefore, provide the best customer service to their clients.

Kudox Network continues to be a leader in IT and Security services installations and maintenance in Los Angeles and throughout Southern California. For your next residential or commercial network installation, contact the professionals at Kudox Network.

About us

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