The Kudox Network Is Working to Speed Up Groggy Wifi While Keeping Your Home Secure

Kudox Network2021-06-07

Local company making helping make slow internet a thing of the past.

The Kudox Network Is Working to Speed Up Groggy Wifi While Keeping Your Home Secure

With much of the population forced to stay indoors, many have turned to virtual formats for working, going to school, streaming shows and television, networking, and social events. Using the benefits of the worldwide web can either be an easy process or a point of frustration depending on the speed of wifi. A local company is working to make yours at home-network faster-- a crucial element when wifi determines everything from the level of entertainment to revenue.

"We offer network design and proper setup to resolve those problems," said Andrius Janavicius, co-founder of the Kudox Network. "We can calculate network throughput and design a custom solution. Sometimes it's as simple as adding single access points."

Janavicius and co-founder Aurimas Utka want to make sure slow, and unpredictable internet is a thing of the past. The two electronic engineers are graduates from the Kaunas University of Technology. After working for an AV company for a few years in Los Angeles, the duo quit in 2004 decided to open up their own company. In addition to wireless internet, they also offer a professional security camera and recording system installation. The service can be for anyone, ideally clients who want to make sure their home and office buildings are secure. "Security is an equally severe concern for both your business and your home. At Kudox Network, we recognize and affirm the need for more rigorous protection," said Janavicius. "We are a local family business, and customer satisfaction is our #1 goal. Our service staff is highly educated and extensively trained."

Their security options vary from recording devices to intercom systems able to "develop to handle demanding situations, such as when there's low visibility or a lot of background noise," according to the Kudox website. The system has remote entry control along with video identification. The network also works to provide knowledge for the community. They offer a certification program through an Academy where attendees can experience a full range of training services. It's the only global professional certification one can receive within the video surveillance industry. "We have been in business since 2004 and have a history of providing quality service," said Janavicius.

Quality is something that's at the top of the priority list for Kudox Network. This trickles all the way down from their customer experience to the people they hire. As opposed to a technician that might have a few years of experience, all Kudox Network installers have degrees in engineering in addition to training skills and knowledge. The company has aimed to grow its business from consistent, high-quality experiences, which is why most of its advertisement is word-of-mouth. "Customer referrals are our #1 source of new business," said Janavicius.

Kudox Network also keeps the global pandemic in mind in all of their day-to-day operations. All Kudox Network technicians must wear Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) when in the client's home/business or when interacting outside. They also spend minimal time indoors and work to minimize the service and installation time for overall efficiency and safety.

"We also offer equipment installation that allows access and troubleshoot devices remotely," said Janavicius.

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