Access Control
Access Control

Key card access systems

We offer RFID and magnetic stripe card systems that can be used to grant or deny access to specific areas. Keycard access systems provide a high level of security as they are hard to duplicate. Advanced systems may even use encrypted data for extra protection if more security is needed. At Kudox, we install keycard access systems that can provide you:

  • Access rights flexibility, allowing for quick addition or removal of access privileges.
  • Integration with other security systems, such as CCTV cameras, alarms, or fire safety systems.
  • Audit trail that keeps logs of who accessed which areas and when.
  • Management of lost cards, so if any keycard is lost, it can be quickly deactivated in the system, preventing unauthorized use.
  • Multi-factor authentication, which can be combined with other authentication methods, like - PINs or biometrics, for increased security.
  • Visitor management with temporary keycards that can be issued to visitors.

Keypad access systems

We provide complete installation of keypad access systems from well-known brands in the industry. Keypad access systems give excellent protection, with the main advantage being that no physical keys or cards can be lost or stolen. At Kudox, we install keypad access systems that can provide you:

  • Access rights flexibility, as access codes can be changed quickly and efficiently as required.
  • Durability because keypad systems are robust and require little maintenance, making them a good choice for outdoor or high-use environments.
  • Ease of Use, as these systems are straightforward and intuitive to use.
  • Audit capabilities with advanced keypad systems that can keep logs of who, which codes, and when were used to enter.
  • Integration with other security systems, such as CCTV cameras, alarms, or fire safety systems.
  • Multi-factor authentication that can be combined with other authentication methods, like keycards or biometric readers for higher security areas.
  • Visitor management with temporary codes that can be issued to visitors.

Biometric access systems

We offer convenient and secure biometric access systems, including:

  • Fingerprint scanning. One of the most common biometric technologies uses unique patterns found in a person's fingerprints.
  • Facial recognition. A system that uses unique features of a person's face for identification.
  • Iris or retina scanning. More advanced and very secure systems as they use the unique patterns in a person's eye for identification.
  • Voice recognition. A system that uses the unique characteristics of a person's voice for identification.

Smartphone access systems

We install smartphone access systems that use smartphone technology and apps to unlock doors or gates. These systems offer a modern, secure, and user-friendly solution for access control, as administrators can easily add or remove users, change access permissions, or view access logs. Temporary access can also be granted to visitors by sending them a digital "key" via email or SMS.

Gate access systems

Installation of gate access systems to control entry and exit at the gates of residential communities, commercial properties, parking lots, and other secure locations. At Kudox, we install gate access systems with:

  • Vehicle recognition that can automatically recognize registered vehicles (for example, by reading an RFID tag or the vehicle's license plate).
  • The intercom, allowing visitors to speak with a security guard or receptionist who can manually control the gate.
  • A keycard, a keypad code, a remote control, or a smartphone app to control the gates.

Intercom systems

Audio Intercom Systems

We install intercom systems at entry points to allow communication between a visitor and an operator.

Video Intercom Systems

We provide systems incorporating video cameras (including a record function if needed) so the operator can see and hear the person requesting entry.

Network Intercom Systems

We offer intercoms that can be connected to the internet, allowing operators to answer calls and control access from anywhere using a device like a smartphone or tablet.

Elevator access control systems

Installation of elevator access control systems to enhance security in multi-story buildings by controlling access to specific floors. At Kudox, we install elevator access control systems that can provide you:

  • Access rights flexibility, as it allows different individuals or groups to access different floors. Permissions can also be set according to time schedules.
  • Integration with other security systems, such as surveillance cameras, alarms, and overall building access control systems.
  • Audit trail that keeps logs of who accessed which floors and when.
  • Emergency situations management, so in case of emergencies, access restrictions can be temporarily lifted to allow free movement for evacuation or emergency responders.
  • Visitor management, in combination with a reception desk or security checkpoint, elevator access control systems can allow visitors to access specific floors for meetings or events.
  • Compliance with regulations or certifications that require controlled access to certain areas, such as hospitals or data centers.

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