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Security Cameras

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Security Cameras

Security is an essential concern for your business space. While alarms can provide some level of protection, security cameras can add more rigorous protection.

Benefits of Security Cameras for Your Business

Security cameras are helpful in the workplace to provide video surveillance. Cameras monitor the office environment and give you, the business owner, an idea of what is happening on the office property. One obvious benefit of installing security cameras is to deter crime and prevent vandalism. Protect your business against theft, fraud, burglary, and provide a greater level of safety and security for customers by installing security cameras at your business. Especially if you are a smaller business, it can be challenging to maintain the proper safeguards so that security cameras can add an extra layer of security.

At Kudox Network, we provide commercial customers high-quality, professional-grade security cameras and recording systems. We are skilled in setting up office security cameras and monitors, including wall mount brackets attachment, wall mount installation, monitor mounting, and monitor set up.

Security Cameras and Services We Provide

Here are a few of the security cameras we provide, as well as associated services that we offer:

High Definition (HD) Security Cameras

With high-definition or HD security cameras, you can keep tabs on everything on your business property with high-resolution video. HD camera technology fits large areas and can be configured with an extra-long cable that runs up to 3000 feet. HD video also provides more excellent image quality and detail than standard video. It can be helpful as a form of high-quality video evidence if something terrible happens or you must make an insurance claim. HD cameras are a great budget option and are cheaper than Internet Protocol or IP cameras.

Digital Video Recorder (DVR)

You may be familiar with digital video recorders or DVRs from your television watching habits. A digital video recorder is a device that stores audio and video to a computer. DVR is helpful for security cameras as you can review the video that has been recorded at a later date. It can be beneficial to use DVR camera data if you need to provide evidence, for example, to file an insurance claim.

Internet Protocol (IP) Security Cameras

Internet protocol or IP security cameras are controlled by and send image data via a local internet or IP network. IP cameras may sometimes use a network video recorder or NVR to record video and manage alarms. Other cameras can record directly to remote storage media, for example, cloud-based web storage. IP cameras can be used with a Network Video Recorder (NVR) to store camera footage in the cloud remotely.

Network Video Recorder (NVR)

DVR is a way to capture HD video camera footage. Another type of video recording often used with internet-based IP digital cameras is network video recorders or NVRs. NVR differs from DVR in that it does not physically record video. Instead, NVR stores audio and video from home security cameras elsewhere, such as a disk drive or cloud storage. NVR is needed when using certain types of digital security cameras, such as IP cameras. NVR can also be set up to record in the cloud.

4K Security Cameras

Both HD and IP cameras are available in an ultra-high-resolution format called 4K. 4K cameras produce clean, high-definition images. For security applications that require an even more significant amount of detail than HD, 4K security cameras are a great choice.

Wireless Security Cameras

Wireless security cameras can record video without a need for wires. They do this by transmitting data over the internet. Cheaper and easier to install than traditional wired cameras, they are perfect for people who need a do-it-yourself solution or are limited by budget. One downside of wireless security cameras is that if the internet goes down, the camera will stop working, so wireless cameras are recommended for reliable internet connectivity places. One downside of wireless cameras is that they are subscription-based and therefore come with a monthly fee.

Remote Access and Cloud Backup

Many security cameras provide the ability for users to access them remotely. Cameras also include cloud backup of data that is collected. Kudox Network provides local, network, and cloud-based video storage setup. We can also set up live view video on the go for remote viewing.


Automation can help improve the security camera system by reducing the effort needed to maintain it. We provide automation solutions such as motion sensors and cross lines to ensure that you are alerted when anything suspicious happens. We also offer license plate and face recognition services.


If you need cost-effective security for your business without hiring a dedicated security team, Kudox Network can help. We specialize in installing and setting up IP and HD camera systems from a variety of industry-leading manufacturers. Experience peace of mind for your business with our services. We offer various home security camera systems and provide closed-circuit television (CCTV) and security camera wiring services.

Not sure what type of surveillance system might be best for you? Our experts can advise and recommend the best security camera solutions that meet your needs.

Our Partners and Suppliers

On top of our already solid team of commercial experts, Kudox partners with other well-known brands to ensure that we use the best materials and work with the most up-to-date information.


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