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At Kudox Network, we provide professional and expert installation of structured residential wiring. With more people working from home than ever before, having a well-planned and professionally installed wiring solution is a necessity, not just a "nice to have."

Our team of residential installation experts implements structured wiring that is meant to optimize residential performance. Structured wiring is an overarching term that refers to a home's entire network of wired solutions - everything from TV to audio to data to home automation to security signals.

With direct lines to each of these crucial systems, you are guaranteed to receive the strongest possible connection among your electronic devices. Structured wiring provides the TV, internet, and phone signal from a centralized point to all rooms within a home.

The Kudox Installation Difference

Kudox Network believes that networking structure and quality should be just as good at home as it is in a commercial setting, and we strive to achieve excellent installation and service by focusing on the following for structured wiring:

  • Design - Structured wiring begins with a plan to optimize performance throughout the home.
  • Network Wiring - While most devices in residential locations run on wireless, wired connections are still the best option to ensure the strongest signal. Structured wiring for residential buildings should always include a network wiring plan for ethernet cable or another type of wired solution.
  • Server Closet and Equipment Rack - Most homes don't have a full-blown equipment room like a business or office, but there still needs to be a dedicated space for equipment and start and endpoints for structured wiring.
  • Cable Termination - Improper cable termination is a hazard that can cause various ill effects, including fire, and can also lead to poor performance. Kudox Network's installation experts will ensure that all cable terminated for residential locations is safe and secure.
  • WiFi/Wireless Network - Maybe the most necessary network in anyone's home, a wireless network is a crucial part of daily life. A strong and organized structured wiring foundation ensures that WiFi and wireless signals will work at their best.
  • Fiber Optic - This is a newer option in structured wiring and often requires laying new cables and using specialized equipment. Kudox Network is an expert in fiber optic installation.
  • Security Cameras Wiring - Kudox Network does IP and HD camera wiring, and we calculate the rating of the cable based on distance. IP camera wires use the same standard as your network, while HD uses video powered via cable.
  • TV/Monitors and Audio/Video - Wiring a strong signal begins with well-planned structured wiring. Having an organized plan will make sure everything works flawlessly within residential structures.
  • Windows Treatment Wiring - Wiring window treatments are often essential for home automation systems, whether for sustainability efforts or simple security measures. It's considered part of the structured wiring design.
  • Alarm Systems Wiring - One of the essential pieces of structured wiring for any residence. Ensuring that these wires are planned and installed thoughtfully will help to ensure that the system will work correctly and for years to come.
  • Testing and Certification - Testing and certification are critical. There are many factors, both small and large, that can cause structured wiring to fail. It's essential to have experts like Kudox Network working on your residential installation to ensure optimal performance.

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